Pediatric Hearing Loss: Things To Know!

Most of us associate hearing loss with seniors and older adults. However, children, infants and young kids may have hearing issues, in either one or both ears. In many cases, hearing loss is associated with other factors and health conditions. For parents, it is often hard to comprehend what may have triggered hearing loss, and most people are concerned about the condition and its long-term impacts on a child’s adult life. Just like you would take your kid to a dentist by the age of one, you should consider checking with an audiologist, especially if you find that the child has hearing issues. Early intervention and getting support on time can the extent of hearing loss. Here are some quick facts to know about pediatric hearing loss.

Knowing the causes

There are several hearing loss causes in children. In many cases, it could be genetic. In fact, close to 50% cases in babies could be related to their parentage and genes. If the mother suffered an illness or had certain infections during pregnancy, that could be a factor. Birth-related complications, unexpected head injuries and accidents, medical issues like neuro disorders are other leading causes. Ear infections, meningitis, and exposure to high noises, have also been noted as factors that can cause hearing loss in kids and babies.

Signs of hearing loss in children

If your toddler doesn’t respond to noises or turn head when you call, it may be a specific sign. As a parent, you may also find that the child can hear some sounds, but not others. If the child, especially infants, doesn’t make the baby sounds, it could be related to a hearing issue. By the age of one, your child should start speaking a word or two. If you don’t see a change in babbling or find that the child doesn’t respond to sounds, or when being spoken to, don’t delay in seeing an audiologist. Older kids have it easy to complain when they cannot hear normally. You may also find signs that your child wants you to repeat things or likes to listen to music or TV too loudly.

Check with an audiologist

Some of the factors that cause hearing loss or lead to extensive damage can be managed, and your child can have a life as normal as possible. Just don’t delay in seeing an audiologist, and when your growing child tries to communicate, be receptive of the symptoms we mentioned.

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