A Quick Guide To Breast Lift: Reshape Your Sagging Breasts

Aging brings many changes in a woman’s body. Besides other changes, you are likely to see a change in your breasts. Your breasts may appear to be saggy and less round than before. Factors that can impact breast firmness and shape include weight loss, obesity, aging, and hormonal fluctuations. The good news is you can always consider a breast lift. In this post, we are discussing more on types of breast lifts and other aspects worth knowing.

What is a breast lift anyway?

As the name suggests, breast lift basically restores the firmness of your breasts, especially if you have shape issues. This is not same as breast augmentation. In other words, do not expect your breasts to change drastically in size after a breast lift, but you can expect the breasts to look similar to what they looked in your 20s. If you think that your breasts aren’t as firm or perky as before, you may want to consider a breast lift.

Deciding on breast lift

A professional cosmetic doctor is your best bet for knowing if you can and should consider a breast lift. The size, shape of your breasts, the size of areolas, loss of volume, and factors like skin elasticity are considered for a breast lift procedure. The entire procedure is done under anesthesia, so you wouldn’t feel any pain.

Types of breast lifts

There are different types of breast lifts worth knowing about. In case of crescent lift, an incision is made on the top of areola, and the process is best suited for those with minimal sagging. For reducing the size of the areolas, you can consider what is called the Peri-Areolar Lift, and it can be combined with breast augmentation. The most common of all is the vertical lift, which requires two incisions and is ideal for moderate sagging. For extreme cases of breast sagging, the anchor lift is considered, which helps the doctor in reshaping the breasts back to their original shape and firmness.

How safe is breast lift?

As long as a competent and experienced doctor is handling your case, you don’t have much to worry about. In general, breast lift is considered to be a safe procedure, and there is almost no downtime. However, every case is unique, and you can always choose to ask the concerned doctor about the possible risks, which are typically limited.

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