3 Simple Steps to Installing a Stairlift

More and more UK homeowners are turning to stairlifts to aid with mobility, which helps you to access the second floor. If you would like to learn more about stairlifts, here is the process explained.

Step 1: Making contact with a stairlift supplier

Google can help you find a supplier of a straight stairlift in Corby and if you will in the online form, the company would arrange for one of their technicians to pay you a visit. Once the technician is onsite, he can quote for the project after selecting a model.

Step 2: An agreement

When you are happy with the design and the cost, the agreement is signed and the technician takes precise measurements for the fabrication of the stairlift. The customer is given an installation date, along with instructions on preparing for installation, which might be 1-2 weeks after the agreement.

Step 3: Installation

The team arrive with the stairlift in sections and it usually takes a couple of hours to complete the installation. You are shown how to operate the stairlift and there are full instructions in the handbook. You would have a service number to call in the event of an issue, plus there would be regular service calls.

Wherever you happen to live in the UK, there will be a stairlift supplier nearby and a quick call is all it takes to get the ball rolling. Once the survey is completed and terms agreed, you will receive an installation date and reclaim the second floor of your home.

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