A Cannabis User’s Introductory Guide To Concentrates

In recent years, the popularity of cannabis concentrates has increased manifold. For the unversed, a concentrate is exactly what the name suggests – cannabis extracts that contain the concentrated levels of desired cannabinoids. In states, where cannabis is legal for medical, recreational use, or both, such as Colorado, it is possible to buy a wide range of concentrates from licensed dispensaries. Finding the best concentrates, however, can be confusing, and for your help, we are sharing the ones that are worth trying.

Benefits of cannabis concentrates

The biggest reason why cannabis users prefer concentrates is the potency level. Compared to simple buds, you can expect a high THC content in cannabis concentrates, often as much as 70% or more. Also, you don’t need a lot to feel the effects. Are cannabis concentrates ideal for every user? Ideally, it is best to go slow with such products, because of the potency and impact, but seasoned users rely on concentrates for a more enhanced experience.

Types of products

  • Wax and shatter. In general, wax and shatter are differentiated based on the texture, and THC potency often is the same for both made from the same strain. Producing cannabis concentrates often requires state-of-the-art equipment and extraction processes, which is why you can expect to pay more than standard marijuana products. You can choose for wax and shatter based on the strain too.

  • Live resin. A lot of cannabis users are interested in the terpene profile of marijuana, which adds to the flavor and experience. If that’s your thing, you should consider trying live resin, which is more expensive and must be stored in a specific way. Live resin contains a cannabinoid called THCA, which gets converted into THC when vaped.
  • Concentrate cartridges. Another category to consider is that of cannabis concentrate cartridges, which are discreet, easy to use, and come in a wide variety. You can check with local dispensaries to know more on potency, strain and experience to expect.

Tips to follow

Always buy cannabis concentrates from a dispensary that you can trust. Make sure to check all the details, and if you have your confusions, talk to the budtenders, who will help you choose between strains. Follow the dosage instructions carefully, because a little of cannabis concentrate go a long way. Some concentrates must be stored in a specific way and under set circumstances, so that is another aspect to ask about.

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