Assessing Your Stairs – How Do You Tackle This Object?

For most of us, going up and down the stairs is something we do not think much about. It does not present a problem and it is a routine activity. Have you ever asked yourself if your stairs are trying to tell you something?

As we get older, using the stairs gets more difficult. Illness, injury, and reduced mobility all make using the stairs harder. If you think you may need a mobility stairlift in Kettering, ask yourself some of these questions before renting or purchasing a device.

  • Continuous Breaks – When you use the stairs, can you complete the cycle in one go or do you need to stop several times for breaks? Do you need to take a deep breath and firmly grip the handrails before you start climbing? If the stairs are becoming a real struggle, a mobility device is a good option.
  • Hands-Free – There are times when we need to carry things up the stairs and if you cannot get to the top hands-free, the stairs are becoming an issue. If you find yourself going one step at a time and holding the wall or bannister for dear life, you should think about a stairlift.
  • Pain or Breathlessness – If you feel a lot of pain or you easily get breathless, it is time to assess your options.

There is no need to soldier on when the stairs are an obstacle. Get in touch with an expert and discuss your mobility options to make using the stairs easy.

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