Cannabis Strain Review: Sleep Better and Calm Down With Purple OG

Choosing between cannabis strains can be confusing for sure. After all, there are so many choices. Strains can be best classified into three categories – indica, sativa, and hybrids. In this post, we are reviewing a popular hybrid called Purple OG.

Knowing Purple OG

Purple OG, as the name suggests, is a cross between Purple Kush and OG Kush. It is often loved for its incredible relaxing effects and also works like sedative. After a long day, when you want to calm down and sleep better, Purple OG is just right. Also, this is one of those strains that work ideally for patients dealing with chronic and frequent pain. It is also a nice strain for insomnia and is often recommended by budtenders for those dealing with debilitating conditions.

What to expect?

Purple OG is a unique strain because it works differently for different people. However, most patients agree that the strain is extremely calming, and while it can give enough euphoria, it doesn’t overwhelm. At times, it is used by patients to feel more positive and uplifted. We recommend that you go slow with Purple OG, because it has sedative effects, as we mentioned before. In lower doses, it can help in boosting appetite and offer relief from anxiety. The idea with Purple OG is to be as easy as possible at the start, so that you can realize how it can work for your conditions.

Other things to know

Purple OG is available in many dispensaries across the state of Arizona, and other states, where medical cannabis is legal. While it has been used in other parts of the world as a recreational strain, Purple OG is best as a medical cannabis strain, which can offer relief, help someone feel calmer and sleep better. In Arizona, you can visit licensed dispensaries and talk to the budtenders to know the kind of strain that will work for you. Pain relief, insomnia, and anxiety are some of the common reasons for which Purple OG can be recommended. Don’t overdo cannabis, especially a strain like this one, in the day time, or you may feel too sleepy to do anything at all.

Final word

The potency and aroma of Purple OG make it worth the money spent, and while this is not among the most expensive strains, it is certainly among the better ones and works for a wide categories of patients.

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