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Most of us don’t even realize that all of us depend on our vision in different ways, and without having a healthy vision, all of us can not be able to play, work, drive, and don’t even recognize the face of the other person. So, we need to get an eye check-up from the right eye care professional. Still, some people need treatment for their eyes or may need surgery for some problems like cataracts common in old persons. In the following article, you will know about the eye surgeon and some of its eye surgeries. Read the following article if you want to know about eye surgeries, and are you a SMILE candidate?

Who is Eye Surgeon?

Eye surgeon is also known as the ophthalmologist; they are specialized in treating all eye diseases and mostly perform eye surgery. There is a myth that these eye surgeons can’t prescribe your eyeglasses, but the fact is that they can prescribe you contact lenses and eyeglasses for treating vision problems.

Eye surgery

The ophthalmologist performs eye surgery to treat vision problems. The vision problems like glaucoma, detached retinas, diabetic retinopathy, retinal tears, cataracts, near-sightedness, and farsightedness are treated in eye surgery opthalmologist. Many eye surgery centers are renowned for eye surgery, and you can easily contact them. The eye surgeries are explained down below.

  • Cataract surgery – in this surgery, the surgeon removes the cloudy lens of your affected eye and then replace it with the artificial lens. A cataract is defined as a disease in which a cloudy area is formed in the eye lens, and due to this cloudy area, it’s difficult for you to see through it.
  • Retina surgeries – there are many procedures for treating the damaged or detached retina, and many of these procedures are done in combination for treating the retina. In this, your surgeon will create small scars to fix a hole or tear to hold up your retina at a place or freeze up the retina by the freezing probe, and some of the surgeons even use the laser to make a small burn. Three surgeries can occur for the retina: the scleral buckle surgeries, pneumatic retinopexy, and the vitrectomy.

It depends on you what eye problems you have, but you should research before choosing the eye doctor for yourself. Always go to the specialized surgeon as it’s a matter of your vision.

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