Healthcare Careers You Can Start Within 2 Years!

The 2020 pandemic has showed us the relevance of healthcare, especially patient care. If you are planning a career in the healthcare industry and don’t want to wait for decade to become a surgeon or a doctor, you can consider patient care as an excellent alternative. There are many schools that offer clases de medicina en Miami, and you can start your career in two years’ time or less. In this post, we are sharing medical field jobs and careers that are worth considering.

  • Nursing assistant. As a nursing assistant, you will be working with an extended team and under registered nurses, offering direct care to patients. The job outlook for nursing assistants is excellent, and you can study further to become a registered nurse in the future. Nursing assistant programs can be completed under 24 months.
  • Patient Care Technician. For the unversed, Patient Care Technicians are involved in helping patients recover sooner and better. They work with patients directly and can be employed in many facilities, including nursing homes and retirement facilities for seniors. Empathy and compassion are key to becoming a top Patient Care Technician.
  • If you want to become a phlebotomist, you have to complete an accredited program that can span to two years, but not more. Phlebotomists are professionals who draw blood and prepare blood samples for tests. They are usually employed at laboratories and various medical facilities, where blood tests are done.

Medical assistant

To clear the confusion, medical assistants are not same as nursing assistants. MAs typically take up both clinical and admin tasks at medical facilities. From ensuring appointments and referrals are handled in time, to insurance paperwork, talking to patients about the consultation, and helping physician with examination, they do it all.

Pharmacy technician

While you have to earn a degree to become a pharmacist, you can become a pharmacy technician in less than two years. From disbursing medications to helping pharmacists with their daily work, PTs do a wide range of jobs, and the career outlook is excellent.

Physical therapist assistant

The role of physical therapist assistants cannot be overstated. They are directly involved with patients and aid the rehabilitation process. They work with physical therapists to implement treatment plans and are on the frontlines at all times.

Check online for medical schools in Miami now, and if you need help with making a choice, talk to a career counsellor.

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