Importance of having blood pressure tests while in your 20s

When you are in your 20s, you might incline to put off the appointments to the doctor and other health tests until you are older, but there are some screenings which women health screening Singapore recommends that they should not be put aside such as blood pressure test because its presence means that blood is pushing highly against the artery walls. With time, high blood pressure tends to damage the arteries lining, and this damage might lead to stroke or heart attack, which can be quite deadly.

High blood pressure is believed to be a silent killer since you don’t have any symptoms until it becomes fatal.  That is the reason there is a need to get your blood pressure regularly checked. A test is often one of the doctor’s routine checks on appointment. Blood pressure readings have two numbers.

The first is referred to as systolic blood pressure which is indicative of how much pressure is on your artery wall whenever your heart beats while the second one refers to the diastolic blood pressure that is indicative of the amount of pressure on the artery walls when your heart is resting

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