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When it comes to recreational use of cannabis, two of the most interesting things about this particular plant are how it is prepared and what it is made of. For many years, the dried flowers and leaves of the cannabis plant were ground into powder and made into an oil for use in cooking. This cannabis extract was often mixed with Castor oil or fats to prevent it from solidifying. The resin from the cannabis flower itself was also often used to make a substance called hashish or hash. Hashish is popularly known as Marijuana.

Over the years, the government has begun to frown upon the commercial production and selling of cannabis concentrates. In fact, the Controlled Substances Control Act of Marijuana has been enforced more stringently than ever before. Essentially, marijuana concentrates are concentrated crystals produced by extraction from the live cannabis plant with a cold-press method and applying high pressure to that extracted oil over a period of time until it takes its clear crystalline form. Today, some companies still sell purest form cannabis concentrates but they are very difficult to find and usually expensive.

There are other ways to increase the potency of THC crystals by adding other stones, minerals, and even metal salts. However, there is a downside to this method of increasing the concentration of THC in the extract. Since only a small amount of the original flower material is extracted in these procedures, there are a much lower concentration of THC and therefore fewer crystals are formed. In order to produce enough concentrates to be potent, it is necessary to process the cannabis even further to remove even smaller amounts of inactive resin and protein structures known as cannules. Only the purest concentrates will retain their initial strength when heated.

The good news is that even the purest form of cannabis concentrates does not contain detectable amounts of THG. However, because THG is so molecularly dense it can be dissolved in water quite easily and the resulting solution is very attractive to jewellers. As such, some manufacturers have started using synthetic resins or diamond thiocyanate in their products to boost the potency. While jewellers have no desire to use such a product, many regular users do and they have found that these weed diamonds do indeed increase the overall potency of their joints.

Many high end jewellery stores sell CBD and THC-A diamonds in varying sizes and shapes for use in making edibles, pipes, capsules, and oil diffusers. Some of these companies also carry CBD and THC-A capsules that are available in varying strengths. Since these two concentrates are less than one percent of the weight of cannabis and are nearly impossible to produce on your own at home, they are unlikely to be offered for purchase on the market by any company.

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