TCM Therapy: What is it and How Does It Work? 

TCM therapy is a traditional Chinese medicine that uses various methods to treat people with different diseases. The form of TCM treatment depends on the disease’s level and type. According to the patient’s condition, it can be an external or internal remedy, acupuncture, cupping therapy , moxibustion, etc. Each specific treatment has a particular goal.

How does it work?

TCM therapy has many methods for treating diseases. Internal treatment takes oral herbal medicine, which can be used alone or with other TCM Singapore therapies. Oral medication is usually preferred if you have a common cold or cough because it does not require special equipment or procedures. Still, the dosage should be calculated strictly according to the disease’s severity.

If the disease is chronic, it can be combined with acupuncture or moxibustion to enhance its efficacy. External treatment methods are mainly used for skin diseases. For example, cupping therapy can be applied on the back and neck area where there are many blood vessels close to the surface of your skin so that you will have better blood circulation.

In conclusion, it is essential to note that TCM therapy can treat different diseases and symptoms. Still, you should consult a professional doctor for more details before taking any treatment methods. Some herbs used in herbal medicine may have an adverse reaction with other medications that might lead to severe consequences.

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