What is the Difference Between Relex Smile and LASIK?

Relex Smile is a non-surgical treatment of the refractive error called myopia in both eyes, resulting from presbyopia and hypermetropia.


Small incision, formerly known as femtosecond, lenticule removal, or LASIK is a form of corrective laser eye surgery developed by renowned laser vision technology company, Carl Zeiss Medicago, used to correct myopia or hypermetropia. It reshapes the cornea, correcting the focusing power by sculpting the soft tissue of the cornea.


In essence, Relex Smile singapore reshapes the corneal tissue, remodeling it using an energy beam guided by a computer image of the cornea. The laser reshapes the shape of the eye by vaporizing the irregularities in the corneal tissue.


This leads to an increase in focus, or sharpness of vision. The procedure allows nearsightedness and farsightedness patients to see clearly. However, this treatment can also be used for astigmatism, presbyopia, myopia, and hypermetropia.


To perform the treatment, a large excimer Laser in a VLF mode is used to reshape the cornea. The patient lies on a table under a light-controlled environment, which can be computer-generated or a special operating room.


After initial anesthesia, the patient is placed on a reclining chair, which has a frame that the surgeon holds to position the patient’s face. Following the procedure, a small tube with a warm solution is placed under the laser for cleaning and to collect the treated fluid.

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