Which Is Better, Prk Or Lasik Refractive Surgery?

Depending on the requirements and eye type of each patient, PRK or LASIK may be the ideal refractive procedure. Both surgical procedures have benefits and drawbacks.

The following benefits of LASIK surgery in kraff eye institute for example include a quicker recovery time and a lack of postoperative discomfort. Cons: It is not advised for people who engage in strenuous physical activity since, even after the corneal flap heals, it is susceptible to displacement in the event of trauma. Additionally, the cost is higher when utilizing the excimer laser and femtosecond laser, two different types of lasers.

Recovery from PRK surgery is more difficult, and discomfort during the postoperative phase is more frequent. The flap has no difficulties, which is a benefit, and the price is reduced. Only after analyzing the results of the corneal topography and ophthalmological examination is it feasible to determine which procedure is best for each patient.

What Are Refractive Surgery’s Risks?

There are two basic procedures used in refractive laser surgery, sometimes referred to as “myopia surgery”: LASIK and PRK. Fortunately, with to advancements in medicine, complications in refractive lens exchange, including those in refractive lens exchange near me, are now quite rare. However, risks and problems are a part of every surgical process. After laser refractive surgery, problems including halos around lights, dry eyes, and corneal infections are just a few instances.

How Painful Is Refractive Surgery?

To alleviate any discomfort prior to myopia surgery (refractive laser surgery), numbing eye drops are applied. A few people experience mild pain.

Which Test Is Required To Carry Out Laser Refractive Surgery?

A Corneal Topography examination is necessary for refractive laser surgery, sometimes known as “myopia surgery.” All corneal measurements will be evaluated by the physician, who will then determine whether the surgery can be done.

How Does Myopia Refractive Surgery Work?

Myopia surgery, or laser refractive surgery, alters the cornea’s shape (the transparent part at the front of the eye). The image forms in front of the retina in myopic people because their eyes are longer or their corneas are more curved than normal (back of the eye).

The laser will flatten the cornea during myopic refractive surgery, which will cause the image to shift posteriorly and develop correctly on the retina.

How Much Is Refractive Laser Surgery Worth or Cost?

The price of refractive surgery is tough to estimate because it varies depending on the eye type and procedure used for each patient. Generally speaking, LASIK refractive surgery costs more than PRK surgery.

How Can Refractive Surgery Be Performed Through SUS? Where Can I Get Refractive Surgery for Free?

It is not possible to perform laser refractive surgery for free because SUS does not cover the costs.

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