Alkaline water and things you need to know


There are various claims about alkaline water Singapore. For some, alkaline water helps in slowing down the aging process while some think it regulates the PH level in the body. There are also claims that alkaline water prevents diseases such as cancer. Before you start believing the hype, it is very important to try and understand what alkaline water is and what it does.

The term ‘Alkaline’ in alkaline water refers to the PH level of the water. PH is simply what measures how acidity or basic a substance is. PH ranges from 1-14. A substance with PH 1 would be categorized as being acidic while a substance with PH 13 is categorized as an alkaline.

Alkaline water is the type of water that has a higher PH level than normal drinking water. That is why many advocate for alkaline water believing that it can help in neutralizing the acidity in their body. Normal water has a PH of 7. That is a neutral PH while alkaline water has a PH of either 8 or 9. Apart from just the PH, Alkaline water also has alkaline minerals.

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