Guidelines to find Pharmaceutical Companies in Singapore

The government of Singapore keeps a list of pharmaceutical companies in singapore by the Pharmaceutical Code of Conduct. It is mandatory for the suppliers of drugs that are on the Pharmaceutical Register of Singapore to file the annual reports with the registration authority.

In addition, several other requirements need to be fulfilled by the suppliers of medicines in Singapore, such as submission of all the necessary reports to the Ministry of Health and others. Since most of the drug manufacturing companies have their main head offices in the country, most of the time they are in regular contact with the ministry of health officials to ensure that all the norms and safety guidelines are met in their manufacture and processing plants.

The manufacturers of pharmaceutical products in Singapore also need to register their name on the Pharmaceutical Register of Singapore, so that they can maintain a registration number, which is unique to each of their firms. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the chief regulator body for the production of pharmaceutical products in the country. All the new drug that is manufactured or produced in the pharmaceutical plants in Singapore are required to get the approval of the FDA for its commercialization in the USA and the European Union before being released in the market.

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