Skin Firming With the Venus Freeze: An Overview!

Aging is inevitable. As you age, your skin starts to lose its natural elasticity, and the appearance of cellulite & wrinkles becomes more evident. Thanks to advanced treatments, you can now address these concerns. The Venus Freeze is one such treatment that relies on multipolar radiofrequency to produce heat that can help in skin firming, reducing appearance of cellulite and skin sagging. The Venus Freeze is a painless procedure, and in this post, we are discussing more on this in detail.

The basics

The Venus Freeze can be considered for targeting cellulite in specific areas of the body, including belly and thighs. The treatment works on your tissues and helps in boost the production of collagen, new elastic fibers, and fibroblasts. Besides multipolar radiofrequency, it also relies on pulsed magnetic fields, which creates a natural response of collagen production in the body. You will see a remarkable difference in the appearance of wrinkles and cellulite. The Venus Freeze can be considered for the face too, and most people need a series of treatments. For facial skin, at least six sessions are required, and there will be a gap of seven to fifteen days between different sessions. Each session of Venus Freeze lasts for about an hour or less, depending on the area being treated.

Does it hurt?

As we mentioned early on, there is no pain or discomfort with Venus Freeze. Your skin will be moisturized with glycerin, for the radiofrequency to work better. The technician will take steps to ensure that heat is just right and as desired. If you have ever experienced a warm stone massage, you know what Venus Freeze will feel like. There is no downtime to the treatment, and you can go home almost immediately.

What to expect after a session?

You may notice some redness on the skin, like a sunburn right after the treatment, but this should subside within a day or two. Collagen production happens over a period of time, so don’t expect immediate changes in your skin condition right away. Instead, you can hope to see differences after at least three sessions. The gap between sessions will be decided by the aesthetician, and some people may need more sessions of Venus Freeze than others. The costs vary, but depend on the targeted area and number of sessions.

Check online for a reliable skin clinic near you that offers Venus Freeze and discuss the treatment in depth.

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