How Long After A Car Accident Can You Claim For Injury?

Road car accidents are a traumatic, near-death experience for many. Many people suffer from intense trauma for a long period or suffer severe injuries that force them to be hospitalized for days and even weeks. Therefore, the period after an accident is challenging, and the victim is unable to think straight. However, one crucial factor that one should never ignore after a personal injury is reporting the accident for getting compensation. 

Accident victims can file a lawsuit against the liable party for getting compensation for their injuries. But, how much time do they have? Different states have different laws for reporting an accident, and being late can cost you your entire compensation. Therefore, you must hire a Lehi, UT car accident lawyer after your accident to understand how much time you have and what steps you need to take. 

How much time do you have for filing a claim for your injury?

How much time you have to file a compensation claim depends on which state you reside in. As the laws differ in all the states of the US, what works for one state might not work for yours. According to Utah’s statute of limitations, the victim has a period of four years for filing their claim. This means that starting from the date of your accident, you have four years to file your lawsuit.

This gives the victim enough time to deal with their injuries first and get physically healthier before they can focus on legal proceedings. In the meantime, you can hire an attorney and gather the necessary evidence for building your case. Make sure you seek medical help and keep every record of your injuries to be used in court. 

When should you report the car accident to the police?

Although you have four years to file a claim, reporting the incident immediately is crucial for your case. Make sure you or your loved one calls the police and informs them about the mishap. The police arrive at the accident site and create a report that will serve as significant proof. 

Should you delay your compensation claim?

Whether you choose to file the claim soon after the accident or a little later depends on your particular situation. If you are capable of paying for your injuries and do not want the hassle of legal proceedings while battling with your own health, you may wait until you are better to file the claim. However, if you do not have enough insurance to cover your damages, you may want to file the claim immediately to recover the damages early. 

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